Voice science and Vocology

Is there a science to singing?

Yes. There is vocal pedagogy which includes the study of vocal anatomy, voice science and repertoire. There is also Vocology

Never heard of (Vocology)?

Vocology, a term coined by Dr. Ingo Titze, is defined as "the science and practice of voice habiltation, which includes evaluation, diagnosis, and behavioral intervention." "Habilitation is the process of enabling, equippiung for, or capacitating." It is important that students and teachers know the best possible ways to keep speaking and singing voices healthy. This information is taken from the following resource:

Titze, Ingo R., and Katherine Verdolini Abbott. Vocology: The Science and Practice of Voice Habilitation. Salt Lake City, Utah: National Center for Voice and Speech, 2012

Purposefully, there is growing movement of singing teachers, vocal pedagogues, speech-language pathologists and Otolaryngologists communicating daily about their knowledge to help students and patients.

Should I care if my voice teacher knows Vocology?

Educators who understand the science behind singing are able to give students several more ways to understand how to sing. Some of the techniques involve the use of computer technology that can help visual learners but may not help every student.

Here are a few links for teachers who want to become educated on voice science and habilitation terminology or for those who would like to take courses:





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