Gigs are great!! rest is essential!

I gigged at the St. Regis in Park City, Utah last night with my NORD C2D organ, set to piano through my Apogee Duet, Sennheiser mic, Apple computer and Roland amp. It was thrilling to perform because it added a needed vibe for the milling patrons who paid a lot of money to travel here and stay for a conference.

Performing in a space where a lively bunch of people drink is energizing for all of us but it can be wearing on the voice and body. Preparing for the evening, gathering all needed props and getting them to the gig on time requires ample time and mental acuity. Performing is the fun part, granted that all working parts still work, but after the performance there is still work in tearing down and chatting with those who hired you or are part of the conference.

I spent all of the next day in after-care. Here's the way it went down:

1. Tear down at night and go home.

2. Leave gear alone, if possible. If not, get it all in the house and leave it alone.

3. Having had enough water through the night, have one or two more sips, do the bedtime routine and go to sleep.

4. Don't wake up until absolutely necessary.

5. Turn on my "Speak" app on the iphone and tell friends I'm on vocal rest for the day, possibly two days. Use the app to chat away.

6. Continue to drink extra water and eat healthy.

7. Go to bed as early as possible and get adequate sleep.

8. Scope throat with iphone if possible and make sure there is no phlegm or inflammation of the vocal folds/cords.

9. Proceed with caution until feeling very well in all vocalizations.

Singers must learn to take care to not drink much alcohol the night of a gig and to not follow that up with caffeine to survive the next day. I've done it and I can tell you that it doesn't bode well for the voice long-term. The more discipline you learn early in your career, the longer the career you will have! Peace out, singers

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