Social Media and practice time!

We limit our time to practice and to have peace in our lives when we attach to social media sites.

I have removed myself from social media by deactivating my social presences. I have not deleted...yet!

While we live in a time of personal social distance, it may be crucial that you find friendship online, however, this

may also be a time created for renewal of your song. This may be a chance to reconnect with your voice in

practice. Now is a great time to set up a regular space to practice daily. Instead of checking social media when you

wake up, try to focus your day on when you will practice amid work and school and anything else that you want to

accomplish. When we lived near the Amish in Indiana, I was jealous of how much they succeeded at family time,

work outside, reading, and singing together. I have now been given that same opportunity.

Think about your time and where it is most spent. See if you can challenge yourself today to begin practicing

in ways that seemed impossible prior to COVID-19.

Let me know if you have made changes in your schedule and if you begin to hear your voice develop during this time.

Let's share our stories here. Thanks! Michelle

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